Thursday, 23 February 2012

you know your a mum when.....only human

My boys think the word Fart is so so funny, this is what my life has become

you know your a mum when

  1. you find random bruises on you and have no idea how you got them
  2. your fridge is covered in alphabet magnets
  3. your cooking meals made with mince more than once a week
  4. you have ask the same question 50 different times in slightly different ways and still have no answer
  5. you consider a peanut butter sandwich as a decent lunch for yourself
  6. you have unintentionally flashed a boob at a random stranger
  7. you have glitter on you, you haven't used glitter today (its everywhere)
  8. you regularly purchase stickers in the hope of bribing your kidlets
  9. you always have sprinkles in your pantry
  10. you have had a daily poo / wee conversation
  11. you need more sleep, you long for sleep, you fantasise about more sleep.
  12. you hum the tune of sesame street or lion king or Olivia unintentionally
  13. your fingernails are strained from food colouring
  14. you have angry birds on your phone
  15. your facebook update is about how much your kids like to say the word fart (guilty)
  16. you have wondered this week, what else can i feed them with fish fingers???
  17. you stop to watch big trucks and diggers
  18. you go out just to feed ducks
  19. you are always always running out of bread and milk
  20. your handbag doubles as an upper body workout
love all you mums out there, your doing a great job x x x sassy


  1. i actually call my handbag the 'tardis' because i know i have vital stuff in there but it is always deep within the bowels of the bag never found in a hurry when needed. Plus jeans being the uniform of a mum and never get out of the house without food, snot or spew on you somewhere that you cannot see. !!!



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