Tuesday, 7 February 2012

play kitchen - tuesday treasure

We had a couple of box's left over from christmas and so i decided to make a play kitchen for the boys. I had seen a fantastic kitchen at a friends house and the boys seemed to love playing with it, so money being tight i thought box's would be the best i could manage. I had a bit of white house paint which i think added to their appliances looking appliances. They have had this set up for 2 weeks now and they have really enjoyed it. There is a little fridge, a microwave and an oven stove combo. Next time i go to the op shop I'm going to look for some sauce pans :)
I have been "eating" a lot of cake, pizza and ice cream from this kitchen.
love sassy

as i wrote this Eli just headed over to the little microwave box and started shoving things in it, happiness is a play idea that's worked for more than a week.

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