Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Poi - Thinking cap thursday

This video is from you tube if you want to learn more about modern poi visit their site .playpoi
My Pipi is now 10 months ever since she could move she has waggled her wrists in a fashion, every time i see her do it i think to myself she would be good at Poi.
There is many ways to make poi.
Poi are great for hand eye co-ordination as with many traditional games.
Plastic bag Poi;
plastic shopping bag, plastic bread bag & scissors are all that is needed.
Step 1 Scrunch up the plastic shopping bag in your hands as if you're holding a ball

Step 2 Put the scrunched up shopping bag into the bread bag
Step 3 Hold the bag tightly so that it makes a ball shape at the end of the bread bag.
Step 4 Tie a knot at the end where the ball is.
Step 5 Now lay out the left over bread bag and cut three strands so that you can start plaiting.

Step 6 Once you've plaited to the end, tie a knot to hold the left over bag strands... Ka Pai You now have a poi. Repeat the process as you usually spin 2 poi one in each hand. see link at the top.

Simple Maori bag Poi

This is a simple easy to make Maori practice Poi.
To make you will require :
Newspaper or Tennis Balls or stuffing
Colour paper or fabric,
And Scissors
1. The cords should be about 800mm long, so you can also tie around the paper ball.
2. You can if you wish plait different coloured wool together to make a nicer looking Poi cord.
3. Push the newspaper/stuffing into a ball (or use tennis ball) and tie one end of the cord around
the ball.
4. Cut the coloured paper or cloth into a square about 400mm x 400mm.
5. Place the ball in the middle of the paper and gather the material
over the ball.
6. Cut another piece of cord to tie the opening in the
material up.
7. You can also add a layer of plastic over the Bag Poi and tie as before. This will make them
last longer when used outside.
8. Trim the gathered paper (or cloth) with the scissors.
9. Tie loops or knots in the ends of the cord to hold onto as handles.
10. Make another one and you have your first set of Poi.
This is a very basic bag Poi. You can easily add to and decorate as you wish.
Maori Kapa Haka (performance) Poi are fairly light and you may want to use seeds or
rice to make them heavier. Be aware that if you hit yourself you may want it to
be soft and light enough not to bruise. The heavier you make it the slower you can spin and the less likely the Poi will be effected by any wind.
This is another way to make poi in this link ;


  1. many poi tutorials on utube if you want to learn more
    have fun

    more begginer poi



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