Wednesday, 8 February 2012

animals behaving badly - only human on humpday

What has been happening here?

I splashed out and got a few more fish for our fish tank, some sward tails, they are really nice. I managed to kill one on the first day, way to go sassy you fish killer. So far so good for all the others though, I panic every time i see one having a nap "oh shit shit shit I've killed another fish, tap glass, phew false alarm its just sleeping" can't wait for my boy to role play that one out at kindy!

my fish have sick sense of humour, playing dead is not funny,  play it at your own risk you will get mistakenly flushed!

Speaking of that sort of thing, Flynn was pulling on some left over decorations (yes i still have xmas decorations outside that need taking down) and as he pulled on the said " get down ya mongrels!" 3 times in a row. Now that's one of my husbands fave naughty words. I know its not that bad but its still not pleasant out of a 4 year old's mouth.

white cat Griffen "feed me I'm growing babies"
Grey cat Zephyr "feed me, I'm a bikkie addict"

The cat is pregnant too. Id like to wear a sign that has "not my cat not my problem" written on it, but darn it the little minx's leg rubbed her way into my heart a while ago. We talked after we mysteriously lost our last cat, she just vanished. Dh was heartbroken, hes a real animal person. So we made the decision no more pets for a while...2 weeks later i went out of town, he got a cat. I told him to give the kitten back, he told me he would, i knew he wouldn't. I told him the next day, he told me he would, the next day i accepted what i knew would eventually happen, the cat would stay and i bargained for something i wanted done in our crappy reno-house. I got a door on our bedroom yay, he got to keep his boy cat. I got to name the cat, Griffen was chosen. Few months ago we worked out Griffen is a she. I was waiting for dh to get his cat fixed, Griffena did not get taken to vet due to lack of money. (stupid rainy season = no work) and what do you know shes gotten fat. I should have bargained for more than a door right.

love you all thanks for reading smooches from sassy

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