Friday, 10 February 2012

Box & Block Shape Sorter - thinking cap

Box and Block Shape Sorter
Dylan took a fancy to this box and had taken it to is room and 'packed' it with stuff as I was tidying his room up and picking out the blocks from the box i had a thought ~ that a box shape sorter might get the kids to play together nicely as they can sit either side of it.
Dylan loved the idea of drawing around his blocks to get the shape, I used a craft knife to cut the shapes out. Pipi (now 10mths) took a fancy to the shapes cut out too.
It was a hit with both of them Dylan and Pipi played with it for half an hour then when Dylan moved on Pipi played with it further.
Since then Dylan has drawn around a plate to get a circle to cut out for a helipad he really liked the whole concept of tracing around an object.
have fun Noni

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