Who's Sassy?

Dear You,
Who is Sassy? 
Sassy is short for Sarah, sassy because its easy for little people to say and I think I'm a little bit sassy by nature, well I aspire to be. I live in the tropical town of Cairns in Australia. Its a little tourist spot, its tropical, humid and green.
likes red,water, strawberries, art in all mediums, love, sewing, the beach, coffee, singing in the car, talking, science fiction books n TV, quirky things and great mates!
Dislikes cucumbers, greed and hate, olives, white wine, snakes, chores and scrabble, idiots in automobiles.

Why blog? to encourage myself to do more for myself, more inventive play for my children and it gives me an opportunity to download some of my thoughts and make some clear space in my mind.

Meet the others characters in my world... 
almost 4 years old!
likes black, broccoli, shooting spider webs from hands, chocolate milkshakes, pretending to be a fire fighter, dinosaurs, Ipad games, and bossing people, food colouring in water.
dislikes, girly isle in toy section, eating potato in any shape or form, swimming without goggles, escalators.
1 year old but thinks hes 3
likes being outside, tipping cats water out, food all food, crash tackling people and animals, raspberries, peekaboo and slides and digging in the sandpit.
Dislikes stopping for nappy changes, having the shampoo washed out of his hair, cough medicine, being still, and being too hot, sleeping alone.

my partner
likes yellow, custard, cars, remote control plane building, renovating, fart jokes, acdc.
dislikes mushrooms, glitter, doof doof techno music, waiting, and soapyish tv
poodle cross Australian silky
likes vacuuming up tasty tidbits left behind, getting wet, rolling in things, chewing things, chomping on the little cat, barking at anyone who comes in within 10 m of our house.
dislikes having fur pulled, smelling nice, prickles, being alone for too long.

little white cat
likes bringing me dead or nearly dead lizards (i really really hate reptiles), a good smooch, to ambush the dog
dislikes the watering system, having tail pulled, wearing his collar, the large dobermans next door.
aka zephyee boomba coz hes a big cat
likes sleeping and eating and being served like a master
dislikes when we run out of bikkies, exerting too much energy and being squashed or worse ridden by small children

Who is Noni ?
Noni; I am Sassy's older sister Fiona - Noni for short as Fiona is 3 syllables and hard for kids to say. Ozzies & Kiwis are lazy and say fi which i really dislike, thus Noni. I live in New Zealand, currently in a beautiful beach town Pauanui, but soon to be central North Island in Rotorua. I have had 13 address's in 14 yrs in NZ due to my partner having itchy feet and I long to settle down & live in one place and become part of the community properly. So i spend a bit of time on the Internet in contact with my family and friends.

likes; Lemon, mangoes, red wine particularly 'wynns coonawarra cab. sav.' from Australia, snowboarding, wish i was better at surfing and could spend more time doing it, love the beach. Photography, yoga, grunge/rock music, gardening (if we would stay still long enough for me to have a decent garden)..! Complementary medicine e.g. homeopathy, herbs etc. Playing with my children and coming up with new projects for us to do.
dislikes; MOVING!! passion fruit because of the seeds, Jerusalem artichokes, white wine and cucumbers too must be a genetic thing oh and most of all candied lemon peel. litter on the beach and people who don't pick up their dog poo. Living so far away from my family & niece and nephews.

My crew are;
my partner who was a chef and is now General Manager of a resort hotel. I am not going to include a photo or any more info on him as he is very anti social media which is why i rarely mention him in cyber world of facebook and blogging. Likes bluff oysters, most food, beer & music.
Dislikes facebook, pasta, dishonesty and crowds.

Dylan 3
Likes talking, running, the beach, anything with wheels, kai moana (sea food) soccer, rugby, swing ball, riding his bike, tormenting Digby by hiding his toys out of reach or in the washing machine.
Dislikes he tells me he doesn't like ants !? having his hair washed or brushed & sitting still.

Pipi 7 months
likes waiu, being held by mum, anything of Dylans, baths, paper, eryl & giggles at light switches?
dislikes sleeping and her carseat

likes food, barking, rolling in dead things and his best friend Dylan
dislikes the Burmese cat next door

Seymore on left
likes Pats, Heights, biscuits, Rabbit, warmth and tormenting Digby.
dislikes feral children
Eryl on right
likes Everybody to pat him, sleeping and eating.
dislikes Biscuits and The Burmese next door


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