Thursday 7 June 2012

only human on humpday - screen free

Ok i mad a crazy split decision this week when my mr 4 was begging me for more tv, after having a very generous amount already that had only finish 15 mins earlier. No more screens for a week! madness i thought to myself, i felt sure i would crumble on this. I explained to Flynn the deal no computer and no tv for a week and i told him why. My hope is that he will play better, settle into a game, any kind of play and stick with it for more than a few minuets. Normally he drifts back in my direction with the hope that my resolve will have weekend and i will put computer in his hands.  I hope he stops the begging and pestering for tv all the time. I hope he realises that his mind is more interesting than any screen. I hope i can stay strong and entertain them both enough. I hope that they don't fight constantly.

So I'm 2 days into this and i am sticking to my guns. I have to say so far so good! I'm impressed with the amount of playing mr 4 is doing, and mr almost 2 hasn't noticed anything different yet. to my great surprise making dinner has actually been easier ? i hate making dinner because my old house is configured so you have no idea whats going on in the rest of the house. So last to evenings i have had one kid in the sink playing with water and the other at the table colouring in, when they get over it they swap, brilliant. So the key to screen free seems to be keeping them busy, an added bonus one very tired little Eli makes nap and bedtime a bit easier. I have been filling the coffee table with toys at night so at daybreak they are happy to play.

Eli is a major rev head

I love my garden

Spiderman swims with patty pans

So what did we get up to today? bob the builders crew were working some blocks at breakfast. Swimming classes, sidewalk painting after that, lego, more lego, Eli and i popped to the shops to get some pots for my garden, meanwhile Flynn was still in lego mode with grandma. Lunch and some cars driving at the same time, more little car driving down the ramps on the parking station. Eli snoozing and Flynn migrated back to lego (poor grandma is legoed out). Some bike riding, some play quad bike riding, jumping on the tramp, gardening, lego for something different, story books, get the idea, busy!

this is how parking stations look after Eli 000 emergency

makeshift secret pathway out of bessa bricks and 1/2 bricks.
 boys are loving this path, cats too. Also sidewalk paint in bowls.

Eli likes drawing and tattooing himself (wonder if that will manifest in permanent ink in later years?)

there have been moments where Flynn has asked for tv, only one tantrum so far and that was on the first night. I have started telling him when he asks for it or telling me its boring without it, that he should think about what he'd like to play with next and we will see if we can make it happen. That seems to make him happy, so I'm happy two.

Will let you know how it all pans out love sassy.


  1. chalk on those blocks would be fun then you could spray them with water later after that too and watch it run x

    1. yeah i got some of those really big chalks for the path for boys eli is hiding them in odd places. Spray bottle with chalk is a nice idea x



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