Wednesday 29 February 2012

Random mumality thoughts - only human on humpday

I have been thinking about this post for most of the day, and still coming up blank i seem to have lost some of my blogging momentum in the last few months. I am blaming my busy life as a mummy, kindy drop offs and pick ups, swimming lessons for 4 yr old and 1 yr old on different days, grocery shopping, dishes mountains of washing, play dates, overdue library books that need returning. Dinners to make, always the toys that need picking up. Normal mumality. And now I'm making up words. Mumality, the real and every continuing list of crap that all mothers are doing. No matter what else is going on in their lives mumality is always happening. So here is a taste of the scattered thoughts of my mum head tonight.

Need to find (or beg my mum to make if cant find) another knitted fireman Sam type toy, Eli is overly attached to one of Flynn's night time buddy toys. Resulted in a crying fit from Eli tonight when he had to give said toy back to his brother at bedtime. Why oh why did they have to become so attached to a toy that is hand made by some nice old Nana type. I bought Fireman from a market stall from 'festival of the knob' (it takes place in Yorkeys Knob a suburb in cairns, great name. the post office there sells a tee shirt that reads yorkeys knob bigger than mobys dick, love it, love the name of the festival) Don't think i can wait for next festival, will try all local markets must find that Nana!!!!!


this is the pattern pic for said fireman toy jean greenhowe designs
still can't believe this is the toy they both desperatly want. I like that they love handmade things.

When oh when is that bulging cat going to have her kittens, am terrified that when she does go into labour its going to be middle of the night and i will be sleep deprive zombie... still at least i wont be the one delivering multiple babies. My heart goes out to you Griffin cat, good luck. How the hell am i going to keep 2 small children off those kittens? can i make a small kitty Alcatraz. not to self google cat labour so know what to expect.

why  is my chest covered in gold glitter? again ...Eli, thanks bubba I am now little miss sparkle boobs.

crap i haven't attempted to do the dishes yet and it's 10 o'clock at night, do i do them? do i leave them? ughh?? keep writing

Need to sticky tape back together the cover of post man pat video, after children went on a ripping rampage. Must do this before i got to library, really hope i can stick it back together enough that i don't have to replace video or pay a fine as money extremely tight at the moment. February is the worst month of the year $$ wise heat wise too, bills wise also, bring on march and some more mula and some cooler days.

There is a green frog somewhere close to my house shouting hooray very loudly over and over again, ok its not exactly hooray its more of a croak noise but im interpreting it as hooray for rain.

Stop babbling and leave these poor people alone sassy! your being very boring and mumsish. So as you can see life is very normal here. love sassy

The box 2 - moments

i luv box's, my kids luv box's.
Plastic box's are fun to explore when there is no cardboard box's
You can make so many things out of a box
box house
Dog house
cat in a box

Thursday 23 February 2012

funny mum's - friday finds

have a laugh at ourselves

if you know of any great funny videos like this let me know x sassy

you know your a mum when.....only human

My boys think the word Fart is so so funny, this is what my life has become

you know your a mum when

  1. you find random bruises on you and have no idea how you got them
  2. your fridge is covered in alphabet magnets
  3. your cooking meals made with mince more than once a week
  4. you have ask the same question 50 different times in slightly different ways and still have no answer
  5. you consider a peanut butter sandwich as a decent lunch for yourself
  6. you have unintentionally flashed a boob at a random stranger
  7. you have glitter on you, you haven't used glitter today (its everywhere)
  8. you regularly purchase stickers in the hope of bribing your kidlets
  9. you always have sprinkles in your pantry
  10. you have had a daily poo / wee conversation
  11. you need more sleep, you long for sleep, you fantasise about more sleep.
  12. you hum the tune of sesame street or lion king or Olivia unintentionally
  13. your fingernails are strained from food colouring
  14. you have angry birds on your phone
  15. your facebook update is about how much your kids like to say the word fart (guilty)
  16. you have wondered this week, what else can i feed them with fish fingers???
  17. you stop to watch big trucks and diggers
  18. you go out just to feed ducks
  19. you are always always running out of bread and milk
  20. your handbag doubles as an upper body workout
love all you mums out there, your doing a great job x x x sassy

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Poi - Thinking cap thursday

This video is from you tube if you want to learn more about modern poi visit their site .playpoi
My Pipi is now 10 months ever since she could move she has waggled her wrists in a fashion, every time i see her do it i think to myself she would be good at Poi.
There is many ways to make poi.
Poi are great for hand eye co-ordination as with many traditional games.
Plastic bag Poi;
plastic shopping bag, plastic bread bag & scissors are all that is needed.
Step 1 Scrunch up the plastic shopping bag in your hands as if you're holding a ball

Step 2 Put the scrunched up shopping bag into the bread bag
Step 3 Hold the bag tightly so that it makes a ball shape at the end of the bread bag.
Step 4 Tie a knot at the end where the ball is.
Step 5 Now lay out the left over bread bag and cut three strands so that you can start plaiting.

Step 6 Once you've plaited to the end, tie a knot to hold the left over bag strands... Ka Pai You now have a poi. Repeat the process as you usually spin 2 poi one in each hand. see link at the top.

Simple Maori bag Poi

This is a simple easy to make Maori practice Poi.
To make you will require :
Newspaper or Tennis Balls or stuffing
Colour paper or fabric,
And Scissors
1. The cords should be about 800mm long, so you can also tie around the paper ball.
2. You can if you wish plait different coloured wool together to make a nicer looking Poi cord.
3. Push the newspaper/stuffing into a ball (or use tennis ball) and tie one end of the cord around
the ball.
4. Cut the coloured paper or cloth into a square about 400mm x 400mm.
5. Place the ball in the middle of the paper and gather the material
over the ball.
6. Cut another piece of cord to tie the opening in the
material up.
7. You can also add a layer of plastic over the Bag Poi and tie as before. This will make them
last longer when used outside.
8. Trim the gathered paper (or cloth) with the scissors.
9. Tie loops or knots in the ends of the cord to hold onto as handles.
10. Make another one and you have your first set of Poi.
This is a very basic bag Poi. You can easily add to and decorate as you wish.
Maori Kapa Haka (performance) Poi are fairly light and you may want to use seeds or
rice to make them heavier. Be aware that if you hit yourself you may want it to
be soft and light enough not to bruise. The heavier you make it the slower you can spin and the less likely the Poi will be effected by any wind.
This is another way to make poi in this link ;

Wednesday 15 February 2012

mini glof box's - thinking cap thursday

Get your Game face on, its Mini Golf Time !

Just a fun quick one today, our own little mini golf centre on my back patio. I took a couple of small to medium sized box's coated them with some white house paint let that dry, then i cut some arches out on opposite sides. Drew some pictures, a bridge, some dinosaurs and a rainbow in oil pastels and there you have it, mini golf. It is improving their coordination and logic skills, they also enjoyed moving the box's around, Flynn got really tricky and lined up his box's up in front of each other and created a long tunnel. The best part about this little game is that these box's can be used for anything, the boys have so far used them as stacking blocks and car tunnels and Eli posts all kinds of random bits inside them.

have fun love sassy

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Bird Feeder - tuesday treasures

Dylan loves looking out of windows and at the sky he sees planes way before we do.
He used to go to home based day care one day a week when he was 18mths and Lisa made a bird feeder for him to watch because he loved looking out her front ranch slider talking about the birds. He even did a painting of a blackbird after this activity.
I was inspired to make one at home for us to watch too :D
Its quite simple all you need is;
pine cone,
some string,
butter knife, lard/peanut butter (something sticky basically)
plastic container big enough to roll pine cone in
and bird seed.
Make your bird feeder
  1. Use scissors to cut a long piece of string to hang the bird feeder.
  2. Take the string and tie a knot around the pine cone near the top (at the stalk end).
  3. Tie a knot in the other end of the string so you can hang your bird feeder.
  4. Use the butter knife to spread the peanut butter and or lard mixture inside the pine cone and around the edges.
  5. Roll covered pine cone in seed in container, ( I actually used a take away container with sides easier for the toddler to use and keep seeds slightly more contained!) and when done sprinkle birdseed over any gaps in it.

Pick a place in your backyard that's safe from predators - at least 3 m off the ground and at the end of a tree branch.
Hang your bird feeder and wait for the birds~ it took a day for them to find it..
Take your bird feeder down at night so rats or mice don't get to it. (I have to confess I didn't do this as I have cats that control this population)
During springtime you won't get many birds using the feeder as natural food sources will be readily available again.
It was a really succesful activity in our house the birds ate it all we did it a throughout winter and I used 'Wild bird seed' to encourage the native birds from the supermarket.
love noni

Monday 13 February 2012


Sat avo i took the kids to get dougnuts and a milk shake,
it was nice to go to the supermarket and not do anything but sit and enjoy the kids joy in a treat.

Griffen ready to roll

peper pig moment, jumping in muddy puddles

Friday 10 February 2012

Box & Block Shape Sorter - thinking cap

Box and Block Shape Sorter
Dylan took a fancy to this box and had taken it to is room and 'packed' it with stuff as I was tidying his room up and picking out the blocks from the box i had a thought ~ that a box shape sorter might get the kids to play together nicely as they can sit either side of it.
Dylan loved the idea of drawing around his blocks to get the shape, I used a craft knife to cut the shapes out. Pipi (now 10mths) took a fancy to the shapes cut out too.
It was a hit with both of them Dylan and Pipi played with it for half an hour then when Dylan moved on Pipi played with it further.
Since then Dylan has drawn around a plate to get a circle to cut out for a helipad he really liked the whole concept of tracing around an object.
have fun Noni

Wednesday 8 February 2012

animals behaving badly - only human on humpday

What has been happening here?

I splashed out and got a few more fish for our fish tank, some sward tails, they are really nice. I managed to kill one on the first day, way to go sassy you fish killer. So far so good for all the others though, I panic every time i see one having a nap "oh shit shit shit I've killed another fish, tap glass, phew false alarm its just sleeping" can't wait for my boy to role play that one out at kindy!

my fish have sick sense of humour, playing dead is not funny,  play it at your own risk you will get mistakenly flushed!

Speaking of that sort of thing, Flynn was pulling on some left over decorations (yes i still have xmas decorations outside that need taking down) and as he pulled on the said " get down ya mongrels!" 3 times in a row. Now that's one of my husbands fave naughty words. I know its not that bad but its still not pleasant out of a 4 year old's mouth.

white cat Griffen "feed me I'm growing babies"
Grey cat Zephyr "feed me, I'm a bikkie addict"

The cat is pregnant too. Id like to wear a sign that has "not my cat not my problem" written on it, but darn it the little minx's leg rubbed her way into my heart a while ago. We talked after we mysteriously lost our last cat, she just vanished. Dh was heartbroken, hes a real animal person. So we made the decision no more pets for a while...2 weeks later i went out of town, he got a cat. I told him to give the kitten back, he told me he would, i knew he wouldn't. I told him the next day, he told me he would, the next day i accepted what i knew would eventually happen, the cat would stay and i bargained for something i wanted done in our crappy reno-house. I got a door on our bedroom yay, he got to keep his boy cat. I got to name the cat, Griffen was chosen. Few months ago we worked out Griffen is a she. I was waiting for dh to get his cat fixed, Griffena did not get taken to vet due to lack of money. (stupid rainy season = no work) and what do you know shes gotten fat. I should have bargained for more than a door right.

love you all thanks for reading smooches from sassy

Tuesday 7 February 2012

play kitchen - tuesday treasure

We had a couple of box's left over from christmas and so i decided to make a play kitchen for the boys. I had seen a fantastic kitchen at a friends house and the boys seemed to love playing with it, so money being tight i thought box's would be the best i could manage. I had a bit of white house paint which i think added to their appliances looking appliances. They have had this set up for 2 weeks now and they have really enjoyed it. There is a little fridge, a microwave and an oven stove combo. Next time i go to the op shop I'm going to look for some sauce pans :)
I have been "eating" a lot of cake, pizza and ice cream from this kitchen.
love sassy

as i wrote this Eli just headed over to the little microwave box and started shoving things in it, happiness is a play idea that's worked for more than a week.

Sunday 5 February 2012


best colour in a vegtable goes to, beetroot!

sadly this did not encourage him to try and eat sweetpotato (orange butterfly)

purchased a child lock for the pantry today this was 1 of 6 food spreading incidents this week!

Thursday 2 February 2012

box books - Friday finds

Talking to noni this week about how we and our children love boxes and the pure joy and imagination playing with a simple cardboard box can bring we ended up talking about the books we like with boxes in them.

It's Not a Box by Antoinette Portis is a classic. (also author of it's not a stick!)

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes written by Eve Sutton and illustrated by Lynley Dodd (hairy maclary)

Clancy and Millie and the Very Fine House written by Libby Gleeson and illustrated by Freya Blackwood

Clancy & Millie Book

happy reading

water xylophone - thinking cap thursday

Water xylophone
Another kiss (keep it simple and short) activity
Dylan came running inside with a container full of water and was hitting it with a stick "look mum, what noise it makes!?" he exclaimed.
I was unpacking boxes from the move and was unwrapping all the glass from the kitchen.
I asked him if he would like more jars to play with and followed him outside with some.
We used our pickling jars and filled them with different amounts of water and Dylan was so excited by the different noise each one made when filled with different amounts of water. You could also add food colouring if you wanted jazz it up.
Pipi was happy to play with the lids and stones while we did this.
love noni


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