Tuesday, 1 May 2012

straws n sand - treasures

I have let my kids have far too much screen time of late and a lot of the play lately has been Lego or kitten play or acting out painful smurf stories. Yesterday i dug over the sand pit and today i decided the needed to play outside again, so i took out some straws and pipe cleaners and plonked them in the sandpit. we planted trees and traffic lights made some roads, we bent some and made tunnels. Then i made some pretend birthday cakes these were very popular with both boys. I particularly like shoving the yellow leaves into the top of the straws for flames. And finally we made a castle and a big furry incy wincy spider and sang the song over and over again while Flynn acted it out with the pipe cleaner spider. So thanks to some straws and pipecleaners1 hour spend breathing in fresh air and using our imaginations, hooray!

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