Saturday, 5 May 2012

shopping game - thinking cap

The shopping game is one that flynn LOVES, infact he was begging and begging for me to spend some time playing this game with him today. We have played it alot this week, and i really like this game too, its a really good game to learn maths but also i think its teaching him the value of money, and an important lesson that money can only go so far and its also teaching him that somethings are really expensive and others are really affordable. Hopefully he will keep this game in mind next time were in te shops :)
so how do you play, very simple cut out lots of things from the junk mail, i like to pick somethings he will recongise from our weekly food shopping, other things like toys that he likes, clothes, tools and some really random things like a tent or car motor oil :) I then folded a few bits of alfoil to make some coins. We take it in turns to be the shop keeper and the customer, when the shop keeper has gained all the coins we ushally swap. We say what were looking for, "something for dinner" "something fun" "things to help me look after the dog/baby/cat" and the shopkeep points out a few things, we negotiate prices, coins are counted. Sometimes deals are made as flynn is very generous and likes to give things away for free, i advise him to do 2 for 1 deals or his shop will go bust.

Often i will leave the price on the cut out item so we can talk about how expensive or cheap  things really are, and this will be fantastic when hes a little older and i can get him to calculate the cost of the real items. We have played this in the past with a shopping list game by orchard toys, however Flynn seems to like this home made game as money is exchanged and he has more choice in what he can buy.  All in all i think its a great game and its lots of fun and the best part is he doesn't realise how much hes learning!

below is what he bought on his first round today, lots of fun things :)

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