Wednesday, 20 June 2012

hair styling toilet roll people - Thinking Cap Thursday

I drew a few faces onto some toilet rolls, dressed them in very fashionable paper outfits secured at the back with a bit of tape. Then put some shredded tissue paper i had in for hair, but wool, cotton wool or normal shredded paper would work great too.

 Flynn laughed at their hair and proceeded to play hair stylist for ages with them, was very dramatic people cried when the lost their hair and happy danced when they got new hair. He laughed and laughed at their silly crazy hair i don't think i will let him at my hair any time soon, but i was really impressed with how much he enjoyed this simple and cheap activity.

It was nice to see him playing out a social situation where people would complement each others hair, and try to help others when they had lost their hair. To extend this play you could add some scissors so they could cut and style, maybe some hair clips and elastic bands. I love finding uses for toilet rolls and i also like that this feels very much like something they would do on the tv show playschool.

love sassy



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